AshPen Data Services (ADS)

Why go Mobile

Digital vs Paper. It is much cheaper to store records as digital images than it is in any other format. The cost for Digital media costs drop every day. Today, digital storage costs a thousandth of what it cost just a few decades ago, so the storage costs are continually dropping for electronic images. However, as you’ll see below, the cost to convert a paper document to a digital one is often more expensive than the storage savings.

Ease of use. When using digital copies, it's very easy to locate and share electronic documents. Computers aid searching AND we are able to file them by multiple indexes. There are an unlimited number of indexes that are available to catalog and locate digital images with. If the electronic document was set up correctly in the beginning, you can use almost anything that you know about that document to find it. Additionally, the process of filing doesn't exist anymore. Your document management system will take care of finding and maintaining consistent locations for the document system, so that's super easy.

Labor savings. The labor required to locate, manage and dispose of electronic documents is minuscule. When I do consulting work, I often analyze work flow in accounts payable systems and I typically find that in a hard-copy payable system, my customers are spending anywhere between $3 and $8 to pay an invoice. Those costs are in the filing, collating, stapling check stubs to old invoices, pulling out POs, matching it to the invoice, stapling those together, refiling them, etcetera. With electronic documents, all of those steps can be automated and that labor completely disappears. The cost of paying an invoice approaches the cost of the check.

Searchability. Electronic documents can be made searchable. We can OCR a document and make the whole text keyword searchable. This is not possible with paper documents and ADS can help with make the process of searching as easy as possible.

Portability. With today’s Technology, it is very easy to transport electronic documents. There is no more need for boxes of records and trucks and semi-trucks to haul records archives. They can easily be stored on a removable hard drive or thumb drive and taken to the courthouse or to the field office. ADS can provide a solution for shredding important and confidential documents..

Version tracking. This is very easy with electronic documents, making it easy to see who has made changes to a document, when they made those and what the document looked like before the change. Our professional staff here at ADS will be able to upload the software and train employees.